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Spring Inspiration Boards
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Studio Paint Kit
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Cintiq for Digital Painting
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Portable Field Painting Kit
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Personal Stationary and Artist Trading Card
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Sketches, loose in portfolio boxes and in bound books
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Stationary Box

I have a small studio in the second floor of my house and these are some pictures of my work space and tools.

  • I use a set of inspiration boards that I change according to the project, or by the season.
  • I paint with Windsor & Newton half pan watercolors. Gouache and Prismacolor Verithin pencils completes my working tools.
  • My favorite paper is Fabriano Artistico cold press watercolor paper. Sometimes full sheets soaked and clamped to a board, but these days mostly in watercolor blocks.
  • My field kit, designed especially for art journalling has a small paint box, a pencil, a technical pen, and a prisma color pencil—ultramarine blue, and two field books: a paper one, bristol finish (not sure if I really like it) and small moleskin watercolor.
  • My art journal is a large A4 moleskin watercolor book. I love it. As nice as a block, almost.
  • Digital painting is accomplished with a Cintiq by Wacom. It’s one of the most wonderful inventions in the whole of the world. Think of it like a giant pressure sensitive ipad that you paint and draw on with brushes and pencils. I also have a regular Wacom Intuos for portability purposes.
Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.