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Some people know exactly what they want to do from the time they are very small children, especially the creative ones. Writers often begin with scribbly little stories, their hand uncertain but the story sure. Artists make funny self portraits, where the truest thing about them is the joy of making them, the heart itself visible on the page.

I was this sort of person and still am—well, except for the knowing part. I’ve never been quite sure what I’ve wanted to be. For a long time I waited for someone to tell me the answer to that question and in the meantime wandered according to my whim. Wise sounding people will often tell you, take the path less travelled. Yet, if you’ve ever actually tried this, you will come to learn a greater truth— a little secret wise sounding people do not seem to know.

There is no path. You must make your own.

This website used to be exclusively my professional illustration portfolio— a very fitting way for me to greet the wider world. My work is still here in that capacity and I hope that you will have a look, as I do still love to illustrate. But as time and fates conspired, my path has turned to wandering again and it seemed so much was left unsaid by only showing that which was made for the purposes of commerce. Some of my best and most favorite things were made for love. Or curiosity. Or sheer silliness. If you really want to know me, these things matter too.

To that end, I have redesigned this entire site. There is a project page and gallery that shows some of the things I’ve been working on—regardless of their outcome. Some I finished. Some were just experiments. Some led to even greater things. This is a glimpse of what life is like for me, beyond the daily concerns we all must deal with. And my case for for watching less television.

Sometimes the soul makes pictures of things it has never seen
Rebecca McClanahan