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Finishing up a first draft

So, of course. Here I am at the climax of the thing, and I feel like balking.

Why? Two reasons.

The first one being--do people really say these types of things to one another? Oh. I know I have dreamt of it, wished for it. But usually things degrade into heated silences in real life, I think.

Then there is this--I am not precisely sure what is going on in this scene with both my characters. One, I get. The other one--I feel like either he's tongue-tied or afraid to really look deeply at what the issue is. It's bad enough that people skirt the real issues in fights and argue over petty things--a hundred times worse when they want to do that in fiction.

I read it all the time. Fiction however, is about being bolder than that. I picked this concept over some really good ones that just ring with something to say. This story is subtle and more difficult to write and maybe in the end I should have went with something else--something that doesn't fool around with fantasy elements.

But here we are. I've got to turn it in. And it may evolve past its fantasy beginnings. But--one thing is for sure--even in this draft, I have to really try and get the heart of it on the page. We've painted a lovely picture all around it, time now to try and be truthful.


Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not the sitter.
Oscar Wilde